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 Marine Surveying, which is a detailed inspection of a vessel or its cargo for its  safety, seaworthiness, damage and value, is our oldest business  activity.  Since 1987, Sea Service, has performed Yacht, Small Craft, Ship  and Cargo  inspections for vessel owners, agents and underwriters  worldwide.  

 Our inspections are in accordance with the major marine safety, vessel  construction, proper cargo handling protocols and fire safety agencies and  associations, as well as the current market for vessel monetary values.  Our  comprehensive reports look at every area and system, complete with photos  or drawings detailing our findings.

 Sea Service, L.L.C. begins its twenty-eighth year as marine surveyors and  contractors, plus offering other services in the Great Lakes region with its  busy fleet of tugs, barges, and Pilot boats operating in the Duluth-Superior  Harbor.